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Best Smoothie Makers For General Use

Best Smoothie Maker

Blendtec The Professional’s Choice 1560-Watt Total Blender.

This smoothie maker is extremely reliable and powerful especially great in making smoothies, soups and healthier ice cream. Great user reviews, it is on the numerous bestseller’s lists, has high ratings on Amazon and also on different user reviews site like Epinions and Consumer Research. Almost everything (even price :-) ) sets this blender above the crowd.  But it’s multifunction abilities as well as it’s durability can save you a lot of kitchen space, money and time in the long run. Read more about this smoothie maker.

Best Smoothie Maker For Green Smoothies

Best Smoothie Maker - Vitamix CIAVitamix CIA Professional Series  is a heavy-duty restaurant-quality multipurpose blender  with a 2+ hp motor that is very strong, powerful and sturdily built.

If you want to improve your diet, eat tasty and good looking  meals, and making cleanup a breeze, this blender is for you.  Its power and functions give you plenty of opportunities to be creative.

In addition to numerous functions, this smoothie maker has special settings for smoothies, frozen desserts and soups – you just need to push a button.   This is an expensive ($400+) but really high quality blender.  It is on the second place only because of  its price.

Read more about this best smoothie maker.