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What Smoothie Machine is Right For You?

Best Smoothie Maker GuideBest smoothie maker should be powerful, sturdy and safe – but how to choose which of those powerful, sturdy and safe models are right for you? Before you set out shopping for a smoothie maker, it’s good to know your needs and purposes.

Our suggestions can help you get the best smoothie maker for you and your family and maybe save you from unnecessary expenses. According to technical specifications and user’s reviews we made a list of best smoothie makers for different tasks and needs.

In general, all smoothie makers in our list are easy to use, easy to clean, powerful and have good reviews. But they have some differences which can be very important for you. Just read (or print) our guide and mark all models suitable for you.

Best smoothie maker choosing quiz

Consider the types of food and drink you prepare, and find the smoothie makers that perform best in those areas.

1.Functions of the best smoothie maker

Almost all smoothie makers from our list can do blending, mixing, crushing ice and pureeing. But we found out some differences…

If you want to make:

  • Fruit smoothies with fresh or frozen fruits and ice. All smoothie makers from this comparison chart can do excellent job.  By the way, many people think that fresh fruit is better than frozen fruits. In fact,  frozen fruits are cheaper and have almost all vitamins and nutrients fresh fruits have.  Plus.  frozen fruit, when taken home and put in your freezer can last indefinitely.

2. Frequency of Use

3. Place

4. Long warranty?

This option is rather important, because it’s hard to buy an expensive blender without having a piece of mind about the quality of the product. Most blenders in our review have 1 year warranty, but  warranty for Blendtec TB-631-20, Blendtec HPA-621-26  and Vitamix 1363 CIA  are longer (3 and 7 years respectively).

5. “Made in USA”?

6. Price Range

Similar  with other kitchen appliances  just because it is expensive it doesn’t mean it is the best. Always read the reviews because some of your most expensive smoothie makers receive some of the lowest reviews, while the mid priced ones receive the highest reviews. We selected smoothie makers with the best user reviews in three price categories:

Best Smoothie Maker Editors Recommendations

How many times you marked a certain model/brand? Maybe it is the best smoothie maker for you!

Still not sure? See the bestseller’s list and read reviews on Amazon! Best Smoothie Maker editors wish you a happy shopping!

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