Best Smoothie Maker for Reliablity and Simplicity Lovers: Waring PBB2 Professional Bar Blender

"Waring PBB2 Professional Bar Blender" - indestructible, "old school", great and reliable blender.

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

Best Smoothie Maker Editors Recommendations

Best Smoothie Maker Waring PBB2 Professional Bar Blender  “Waring PBB2 Professional Bar Blender” –  indestructible, “old school”,  great and reliable blender. It has 390 watt motor and different color options – Blue, Retro Green, Chili Red and traditional Stainless Still. It also has high and low speeds cover mixing, chopping, and pureeing.

Read our full  review of  Waring PBB2 Professional Bar Blender and find out our findings, comparisons and recommendations about this smoothie maker .

Best Smoothie Maker Editors Findings:

  • Works really well for making smoothies and soups and it’s easy to operate.
  • It has a nice overall look to it and can be left out on the counter – it doesn’t take up much counter space.
  • Fits in the dishwasher.
  • The rubber lid fit nice and slug and hasn’t shown any sign of leaking.
  • The blender is one piece. The blade and clutch interface are one. The base doesn’t allow for any liquids to leak into the innards.
  • The cord is long enough for any kitchen.
  • Easy to clean. Simply fill with some water, add a drop of soap, blend, rise, and you’re done.

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Best Smoothie Maker Editors Comparisons:

1. Well-build retro look with minimal buttons, more “classical” style than other blenders in the market.

2.Made in the US.

3. Glass pitcher and there is very little plastic involved in its construction.

4. It’s OK for crashing ice, but not so good in it as more expensive and powerful blenders. But if you fill the blender with the liquids, soft foods, etc on the bottom and add ice cubes little by little at the top it pulverizes the mixture very good.

5. The pitcher is not very big – you can make 2 drinks at a time, so it’s more suitable  for a couple than for a big family.

6. It only has two settings and one switch: high and low, for some people it is a great plus. They say that they don’t want a billion buttons and options which are unnecessary.

7. Rather than the “turn to lock the jar in” method that most blenders use, this one drops in. You can’t do it “wrong” — it just won’t go in if you have the canister turned the wrong way. The jar, which does need to be held steady with one hand, never kicks or bucks when crushing ice. You never feel like the machine is going to burn up or fly off the counter. And when you’re done, you just grab the handle and lift it off, without fighting the locking mechanism — because it doesn’t have one.

Best Smoothie Maker Editors Conclusions –  Waring PBB2 Professional Bar Blender is an excellent starter blender for those interested in raw food and green smoothie living.

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