Best Smoothie Maker introduces the Chocolate Banana Smoothie!

The authors of  the Best Smoothie Maker found the great banana and chocolate smoothie recipe. It’s simple – you even probably  have all needed ingredients in your house right now!

If you are ready to try this recipe -see this very nice video made by WellbeingBuilder.  In this video you also can see Vitamix  smoothie maker in action – and it works really good.

Ingredients in this smoothie: 2 bananas, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 tbsp carob powder, 1 tbsp coconut nectar, 1/2 cup ice, 1/3 cup water.

How to prepare this  Chocolate Banana Smoothie  (2 servings) with the smoothie maker.

1. Put 2 bananas in your best blender/smoothie maker

2. A little bit (1/2 cup) ice.

3. Next ingredient is raw cocoa powder (about 1 tbsp).

4. 1 tbsp of raw carob powder (can be bought in Whole Foods or any natural store in your area).

5. Half a cup of blueberries.

6. A little pure water (the chief recommends “Natural Spring” brand).

7. The last ingredient is coconut nectar.

8. A little bit more ice on a top.

Blend the  ingredients for 30-60 seconds.

Good advice: Best Smoothie Maker tried this recipe and found out that this smoothie is really smooth, creamy and very tasty! Also  if you prefer raw honey instead of coconut nectar that’s great too. Also instead of blueberries you can use any kind of berries: raspberries, blackberries etc. Have a wonderful day with this tasty banana chocolate smoothie!

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