Blendtec HPA-621-26 Review

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Blendtec HPA-621-26 Home HP3A WildSide/FourSide  blender and smoothie maker is the great investment for those who like to cook frequently, live a healthy life and don’t worry about the replacement of this machine for a next 7-70 years.

Read our full  review of  Blendtec HPA-621-26 and find out pros and cons, main features and our recommendations about this machine.

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Blendtec HPA-621-26 Home HP3A WildSide/FourSide, Black is a new powerful and multifunctional blender, smoothie maker, food chopper, juicer, ice crusher and even more! It's availiable from Amazon and eligible for Amazon Prime.

This blender is a good investment if you want to make a wide range of meals and drinks - smoothies, ice-cream, soups, milkshakes, cappuccinos, margaritas and more and do it every day or even several times a day.

  • Powerful and reliable
  • Replaces up to 9 other appliances
  • High Price
  • None so far

The primary feature of this product is the ability to blend almost everything - from ice to green smoothies and do it very easy and fast. It is equipped with the same powerful (3 HP) motor as Blendtec professional series blenders. Another important option of this blender is 25 preprogrammed blending cycles for different type of meals (from beverages to food processing). You can use these 25 cycles to easy create a variety of foods and drinks.

Blendtec HPA-621-26 has extra large 3 quart and standard 2 quart jars. With so many jars you not have to worry about cleaning a blender jar with every cycle and every meal. Multiple jars of different sizes are especially great for large families. This Blendtec like other blenders from this manufacturer has 7-years warranty on motor base and made (assembled and designed) in USA.

Blendtec HPA-621-26 comes with a Fresh Blends Recipe Book which is good (but some users compain about several recipes with processed ingredients in this cookbook).

Best Smoothie Maker recommends this product for everyone who frequently makes beverages, drinks, soups and many other meals on a daily basis and ready to invest extra money to this quality and reliable kitchen machine.

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