Ninja Master Prep Pro Best Smoothie Maker and Strawberry Ice Cream

Best Smoothie Maker Strawberry Ice Cream Video and Recipe

Strawberry ice cream on a hot summer day is as much summer tradition as beach balls, swimming and hot dogs on the grill!

Make homemade ice cream quickly and easily using this delicious and healthy (under 100 calories)  ice cream recipe. In this video you also can see Ninja Master Prep Smoothie Maker  in action. It is very effective in making ice cream!

Ingredients for this recipe: 2 cups of frozen strawberries, mix of half and half and 2%milk (1 cup),  a little honey and sweetener . You can replace 2% milk with rice or soya milk.

How to prepare this Strawberry Ice Cream with your best  smoothie maker.

1. Put the strawberries in to the blender.

2. A cup of half and half mix and honey.

3. Mix and blend for 15-20 seconds

4. Check it out – if you still see some strawberries blend it another 5 seconds.

5. Now you will see a really healthy soft served ice cream made by your best smoothie maker!

This ice cream is very natural, looks yummy, has a great taste, doesn’t have artificial ingridients and very good for you body. Best of all, there was a great aftertaste of strawberry to help you savor the flavor longer.

Good advice: Best Smoothie Maker  recommends to add less milk if you want more solid ice cream.

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